Virtual Recreation for Elderly Connection


  • Ahmed Munir: Design, Research
  • Tuan Tran: Digital Mockup, Research
  • Umair Ahsan: Testing Process, Research
  • Sulaiman Mahmood: Testing and Analysis, Research

Problem Overview


Paper Prototype, Testing Process, and Results

This is a part of our prototype (showing the main parts of our design)

Digital Mockup

Two Tasks

High-level walkthrough

  • Each user will have their own private “lounge area” where they get to customize and make it unique to themselves. No one else will have access to this lounge area unless they get an invite from the owner. This will serve as an area for the elderly to socialize more privately.
  • Every user will have access to a central hub area. This central hub features a plethora of activities ranging from playing tennis with one another to hiking in real-world landmarks. These will provide the elderly with fun and engaging activities that they can do with anyone. If they want to meet up with people in their contacts, they can simply press the invite button. If the invitee accepts, they will be transported to the same location. There is also a join option in the contact menu which directly asks a person for an invite to their current location.




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