Language Buddy

Contributors: Karim Salem, Evan Bacon, Brittan Robinett


The Problem

This problem is exactly what led us to start designing for ESL students at UW. We believe an app with functionality to allow students to answer questions and converse with an AI bot instead of an actual person and give tailored feedback will address these issues.

Modes of Research

Research Results and Themes

Another research finding that helped us design our solution was how our interviewees cited language exchange sessions as one the best resources they can use to develop their English skills. They liked being matched with an individual/group that also wanted to learn about their language/culture such that it is a casual and fun two-sided conversation that is beneficial for both sides, and it doesn’t feel like a “lesson” anymore. This motivated us to consider a design that allows our users to be matched with locals who can teach English and are interested in the user’s native language and culture. However, we ultimately decided not to pursue this solution because there was at least one existing application with the same functionality.

Proposed Design

Below are a series of sketches that give a rough depiction of what having a conversation with the bot would look like.

Final Thoughts



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