Info-kiosks to Revolutionize Foreign Travel

The Current Solution

How We Got Here: Gathering the Data

Narrowing Our Focus

Common Themes That Surfaced in Research

Our Findings:

  1. Travelers experience embarrassment and a sense of being rushed.
  2. Travelers do not have all of their tools to complete their tasks. For instance, they are not made aware that they are able to select language options at the kiosks.
  3. Travelers have a sense of being afraid of making mistakes in public.
  4. Upon not being able to figure out the transportation system or in the event of closure and route connectivity issues, travelers tend to resort to rideshare/taxi.
  5. Travelers have no ideas about the facility inside the station. (e.g. if they are carrying a big suitcase with them, they wonder if there are elevators or not.)
  1. The translation of the light rail kiosks is not comprehensive enough. Translations have mistakes and word misuses.
  2. No specific instructions on how to pay at the bus stop, which creates barriers to use it.


Presenting Our Current Solution

storyboard for design solution




University of Washington Computer Science, Intro to Human Computer Interaction

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CSE 440 Staff

CSE 440 Staff

University of Washington Computer Science, Intro to Human Computer Interaction

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