Forager: A Better Mushroom Foraging Experience

Our Solution

Previously, we wrote about our user research, initial design, and storyboarding process for creating this product. Our end result was a low-fidelity design for an app called Forager with four main features:

Paper Prototype, Testing Process, and Results

As soon as we made a final decision on what design to refine, we created a paper prototype in order to flesh out all the features and the usage flow of the product. Our home screen contained buttons for our four main features: Search Places, Tips, Quick Scan, and Full Scan. After creating all of the screens and overlays in paper, we scanned them into the Marvel Prototyping app, which allowed us to add interactions to each screen. Radio buttons could be toggled, overlays could be opened, and buttons could actually take the user to the next screen. This meant that we could test our prototype by simply giving the prototype link to testers and allowing them to interact with it as they would with an actual app.

photo: Our initial paper prototype
photo: Our final paper prototype

Digital Mockup

figma link:

photo: Home screen, start pages of main functions supported by the design
photo: An overview of all frames


Locating and Identification are two primarily influential factors of a successful mushroom foraging experience. There are many life-threatening dangers hidden in the two processes. Spending a quarter-long time working on a solution to them, we truly hope users can have safe and smooth trips with the use of our design, which can not only save their time on referring to online resources of foraging locations, but also provide them with accurate and professional information of mushroom identification.



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CSE 440 Staff

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