EZ Eats

Problem and Solution Overview

It is estimated that over 32 million Americans have food allergies, and over 22 million have another kind of dietary restriction (e.g., vegan, gluten-free).

Design Research Goals, Stakeholders & Participants

The goals for our research was to analyze all the different pain points that people with allergies face at a restaurant. We wanted input from all stakeholders of the dining experience, including people with dietary restrictions as well as restaurant staff that work with our target group.

Design Research Results and Themes

Through our user research, three common themes emerged:

  1. Participants had a preference for “easy interactions” that avoid confrontation and discussion. They all had experiences where they encountered an awkward interaction when discussing allergies; this is important because both sides of the interaction server and customer both face this challenge.
  2. Participants made decisions that were informed by prior experiences and group consensus. These affected their perceptions of the restaurants they were eating at and the dishes they ultimately decided to order.

Task Analysis

Who is going to use the design?

Proposed Design

Both of our designs are meant to work together to make the users experience in the restaurant as seamless as possible.

Team Members and Roles

Interviews, brainstorming, task analysis, scenarios and storyboarding were each done by every member in the group: Rohan Guilani, Sigala Hernandez-Radosevich, Josie Lee, Trey Tamaki, Aileen Zeng.



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