Basset: A Financial Management Tool for Modern Relationships

Problem Overview

Divorce rates in the United States have recently hovered around 50%, impacting roughly a quarter of a million Americans each year (not to mention those in their families and communities). Among 52 surveyed couples filing for divorce, 50% cited financial issues as a leading motivator, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Even among couples who are still together, a Fidelity Investments survey in 2021 found that up to 1 out of 4 couples cited financial issues as their largest relationship stressor. Our user research revealed that one of the major reasons for this stress was a lack of shared awareness of financial status.


Paper Prototype, Testing Process, and Results

Digital Mockup

We made a number of design changes from our physical to digital prototype for Basset. We included a dedicated screen for scanning new receipts with a visual prompt and instructions for the scanner, helping address user confusion as noted in testing. We also inverted the highlighting on the scanned receipt, as it was much easier for users to identify text that was not recognized as a purchase item. Additionally, we included user icons for both partners on all transaction lists to remove ambiguity surrounding which partner made a transaction.


Financial stresses and lack of budgetary awareness are pressing issues for American couples. Our tracking application and receipt scanner system makes keeping an accurate budget up to date far easier by increasing communication and granularity of purchases. This system allows for greater financial transparency within relationships, reducing the burden of budgeting. Because of this, we believe that couples who use our system will be less likely to have disagreements stemming from finances and, as a result, be more likely to have a long-lasting relationship.



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