Claudia Coulibaly, David Lee, Ethan Pyke, Larry Shan

Local businesses are the backbone of the economy. They are crucial to the community; many provide jobs to locals, are better for the environment, and donate more to non-profit organizations than their corporate counterparts. But, more and more consumers are moving away from local options in favor of the convenience of searching and buying their products through Amazon’s shopping platform. This is devastating to small businesses as they need their community’s support — especially now during a global pandemic.

Our browser extension aims to eliminate that gap by putting local businesses right…

Contributors: Linda Vong, Abby Ellis, David Zarate, Danica Villez

Problem Overview: Washington state food deserts

Food is a basic human need, and for at least 2.3% of all U.S. households — 2.3 million people — that need is not being met for a multitude of reasons, including food deserts. Urban food deserts are areas that have limited supermarket accessibility, neighborhood income, food assistance programs, and other food access factors. In Washington State specifically, there are 17 urban food deserts, affecting more than 125,000 people. Folx living in urban food deserts who are the primary food purchaser for their household often experience challenges consuming and providing healthy…


Shayan Nathan: User Researcher, Designer, Leader of Ideation

Fadel Shitui: User Researcher, Designer, Leader of Design

Libby Knell: User Researcher, Designer, Leader of Prototyping

Problem Overview

Youth sports improves participants’ mental and physical health, academic success, and self-esteem. However, many of the club youth sports programs in the United States have socio-economic barriers and disparities in access to resources that prevent many children, especially those from low-income households, from participating. …

Learn how to earn a piece of the economic pie through investment

Contributors: Joely Swartz, Amber Xu, Danh Luong (Generating ideas, conducting user research and usability tests, sketching, prototyping, and documenting)

The challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed rot at the center of American economic life. Millions of low-income families are struggling to survive. Their incomes have disappeared, and they risk losing their homes. At the same time, a small group of people has seen their wealth skyrocket because they have invested and own assets. New college graduates from low-income families are exposed to additional financial challenges like a changing employment landscape…

Contributors: Hank Tadeusiak (Observer), Elana Hummel (Facilitator), Ethan Sylvia (Observer)

Understanding the Problem

Many first generation college students lack access to college related resources and the resources they do have often vary in quality depending on the school. Our research, targeting first-generation students currently enrolled in college, pointed to two major themes that aided in the success or failure of first generation students applying and transitioning into college:

Understanding the College Application Process Timeline

Our research showed that successful first generation students often attributed their achievements to a figure who mentored them through the timeline of significant events when applying to college. …

Team Members

Morgan Graham, Wednesday Wolf, Marlena Rehder, Paari Gopal

What Need Exists?: Problem Overview

As we age, performing tasks around the house becomes more difficult. Changing a lightbulb, mowing the lawn, or moving furniture can become tough, even dangerous. These tasks are vital to living independently. In fact, when we reached out to seniors living alone within the Seattle area, we found that over 80% of respondents needed to reach out for help in completing a task around the house in the past year. Often those who struggled with these tasks cited their desire for independence as the primary reason for living on their own. …


Alex Fu: Prototyping, Digital Mockup Creation, Usability Test Notetaker

Anne Pham: User Research Facilitator, Usability Test Facilitator, Digital Mockup Creation, Sketching

Chris Yuen: Digital Mockup Creator, Usability Test Notetaker

Sophia Hwang: Prototyping, Sketching, Digital Mockup Creation, User Research Notetaker, Usability Test Notetaker


As COVID-19 case numbers continue to persist or rise in various areas of the United States, nurses working on the frontline are at high risk of experiencing struggles with mental health. As workers who directly interact with patients, nurses face specific challenges in their job that prevent them from feeling mentally well enough to care for patients to…

The Team:

Akif Ahmed: Product Manager

Isabelle Donsbach: Chief Design Officer

Truc Nguyen: Chief Marketing Officer & Design Consultant

Ken Aragon: Technical Writer

The Problem

Moving to the United States from another country is a difficult experience. Immigrants experience a wide variety of challenges from culture shock to language barriers. Amongst these challenges, finding long term housing is often a particularly difficult one. Prospective immigrants will usually need to find a place to live before arriving in the United States; however, information regarding this can often be difficult to find or understand for one’s specific situation. For legal and financial information, this can be…

Team Members: Jimmy Nguyen, Richard Jiang, Sabrina Pearson, Yuji Lai


COVID has wreaked havoc on small businesses in the US as more and more small businesses are closing permanently at an alarming rate. Our team chose to focus on specifically remedying the disparities that small restaurants face during COVID. Small restaurants in particular have struggled with creating and maintaining a large customer base during this pandemic due to the steep competition they face from larger restaurant brands, which may have more resources available to survive this economic downturn than these smaller restaurants. …

Team: Daphne Hsu, Shreya Jayaraman, Ryan Liang, and Kris Wong

Cuisine is a defining aspect of human culture. (Koc & Welsh, 2002) In our group’s project, we are addressing disparities in the access to cultural groceries faced by the over 67,000 members of the Vietnamese community residing in the Puget Sound area. While some Vietnamese cultural ingredients such as fish sauce, shrimp paste, and MSG can be found at common grocery stores, they are frequently out of stock or unreasonably priced. Additionally, certain ingredients may not have direct English translations, making them even more difficult to find. …

CSE 440 Staff

University of Washington Computer Science, Intro to Human Computer Interaction

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