Bella Rivera, Edan Sneh, Abheek Chakrabarti, and Nicholas Marzetti


According to research centered around the likelihood of divorce and/or separation among married couples, almost 50 percent of all marriages in the United States are slated to end in divorce or separation. Additionally, about 61 percent of these divorces are…

Jason Guo, Michael Sy, Greg Senk

Problem and Solution Overview

Many college students desire more opportunity to develop meaningful friendships with like-minded individuals, but struggle to reach out, find time to develop connections, or to find others with similar interests. These problems are exacerbated by tight budgets and busy calendars. …

Alex Zhou, Vania Regita, Giselle Gunawan, Eric B

Problem and Solution Overview

Bonsai plants are notoriously tricky plants to take care of. They need specific amounts of water and fertilizer, else they die. Beyond that, sickness in bonsai plants can be difficult to deal with. …

CSE 440 Staff

University of Washington Computer Science, Intro to Human Computer Interaction

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